500 Miles

Do you ever find yourself unable to will yourself out of the shower, slowly cranking up the temperature bit by bit in the hopes that either the scalding water or inevitable cold water that follows will force you to flee your warm, quiet cocoon?

Ok, me either.

So it’s not that I don’t try and record a uke video every Friday.  I do.  They usually just fail miserably.  But for kicks, I’m going to go ahead and post this one so you can see what I mean.

Oh, sorry about pulling a J-Lo / Janet Jackson.  It happens these days.

Fry.  Day.  Amen.


  1. Musical instruments taste really good. My favorite is the little foot in the corner. And as I was typing that, Paul grabbed his foot. I knew we had a connection.

  2. could he be ANY CUTER??? And how did you play in that wacky position??? Thanks for that!

  3. I almost didn’t click. I was like do I really want to see the uke version of The Proclaimers? I should have known better.
    This was so absolutely beautiful.

  4. Holy balls, that was my favorite one yet. I love his little eye grilling the camera from behind the uke. I seriously want to bite his cheeks. And yours too, obvi.

  5. Did you have Lemon Curd smeared on the back of your uke??
    (Sorry, I’ve been waiting about a year to use lemon curd and uke in the same sentence)

  6. This uke tastes almost like boob. Almost.
    I think this came off without a hitch and might actually be my favorite yet. Have you had your first electric jolt of terror when Paul tries out his new tooth while eating? I created a ‘poker face’ so my kids couldn’t see the agony.

  7. Dude, for real, in about two years Paul will be serenading us with Herbert while you guys duet. He’s dying to do it.

    Also, CUTE!


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