32 Flavors

Fall has finally arrived. It’s been a whirlwind couple of weeks with crinkling leaves, franticly scheduled meetings, and an overly ambitious tie-dye birthday party for a now-six-year-old.

I think I had a birthday, too. There was cheesecake, so probably. And I have fun news to share, but I’m going to hold off a few weeks in the hopes of having bigger news to share.

My first instinct after writing that previous sentence is to follow with a joke about being a tease. But this week? This week I don’t feel like giving a voice to internalized misogyny. Because #metoo. Because #yesallwomen. Because #harveyisntananomoly.

Anyway. This week’s uke is an old Ani DiFranco song that was an absolute revelation to 19-year-old Elly the first time she heard it. It shook her so much, in fact, that she still occasionally refers to herself in the third person.