Way Over Yonder

I only just now figured out it’s Labor Day Weekend.  I’m a teensy bit behind the times.  Last night I was watching something off the DVR and there was a commercial for the Target Day After Thanksgiving Sale.  I had no idea we were so close to doing that again already.

Sort of how I feel on Fridays.

This song always makes me think of Tom G.  For multiple reasons.  That I’m not going to tell you.  But if you read him, I won’t have to.  Which is good, because I’m not really forming complete sentences again.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to rescue some wine that’s been trapped in a bottle for months.  Happy MFBT!

9 thoughts on “Way Over Yonder

  1. I feel like we should have a washtub to accompany you while Tom brews hooch in the distance and Paul adds the yeaaahhh hollers.
    Love this,love you,love Fridayxoxo

  2. This was so awesome I had to come back this morning for another listen. Now I’m going to put on my overalls, go climb a tree and compose dirty limericks about Dufmanno.

  3. Ha ha ain’t nobody who can sing like you except PAUL!!!

    I love how you can just keep trucking … I, sadly, do not, but instead get all cranky about being Interrupted. This must stop. I shall take your song into my day and be Inspired.

    Okay. Enough with the Capitalised Important Words. Too bad about the map. Also: I visited Tom. I might love him.

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