This Week’s Tweets

  • Famous last words: "Oh look! The beer bong is only 15 bucks!" #
  • Just watched Brief Encounter for the very last time. Is there an emoticon for a broken heart? #
  • Is it too early to call it a day and go to sleep? #
  • Some of those leftover New Year's fireworks seem to be exploding in my lower intestine. #
  • I suppose I should go shower. The eau de hamster isn't going to go away all on its own. #
  • Rubber cement fixes everything. Except computers, apparently. This is a frickin' mess. #
  • I'm never sleeping again. — Track Recent Mass Animal Deaths Using Google Maps #
  • I'm such a sucker for this kind of movie. Does it make me old that my big Sat night plans are watching this in PJs? #
  • Not the sort of thing you want to see staring down at you in the bathroom. #
  • Dear snow, don't you even THINK about sticking. Oh how I hate winter. #
  • Way to make me proud, NYC! Empire State Building Now Fully Wind Powered : TreeHugger via @TreeHugger #
  • My bud @MelissaTRomo is celebrating her 100th post today! Visit her site, say congrats, and raise $ for Autism Speaks. #
  • I'm a sucker for flattery RT: @subWOW You have to listen to this ukulele duo of King of the Road. It is really good! #

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