This Week’s Tweets

  • Today's @craftastrophe is brought to you by my head cold…and cold meds: Some Things Should Never Be Jewelry #
  • Dear NPR, I couldn't be more in love with you right now. Noel Coward AND ukuleles! #
  • If you were going to a party at The Plaza tonight and hoped to convince James Earl Jones to do body shots with you, what would YOU wear? #
  • That question is only kinda hypothetical. Also? You could substitute Vaness Redgrave for Darth Vader if it'd make your answer any easier. #
  • Turns out I'm taller than Glenn Close. #
  • Would one of you mind holding my head up while I try and cram in some more cold meds? #
  • RT @toywithme This lady rocks my VAGINA! Read her! RT @BugginWord: @toywithme This post is all your fault. #
  • Dear refrigerator: Your contents are boring. I hate you. #
  • Best. Batman. Ever. #

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