This Week’s Tweets

  • I came. I saw. I ate a Cheerwine filled donut…and now I'm going to hurl. #
  • Mom doesn't like cinnamon. Obviously she's a tiger. #
  • …and then Mom threw a vibrating cock ring at Dad and asked him if they should give it a try. Someone poor me some wine. #CantMakeThisUp #
  • Check out this Yankee Doodle Dandy. Patriotic Cock @craftastrophe #
  • Heartache. #
  • I'm not aware of too many things. I know what I know, if you know what I mean. #
  • RT @karensugarpants: Fuck cancer. Sing it, sister. I can't get out of my funk. in reply to karensugarpants #
  • RT Follow! @LivitLuvit: if I can hit 3500 followers by midnight, I will film myself rickrolling an entire bar and post it. #zyncMTVTJ in reply to LivitLuvit #
  • Observation: the women of Maryland seem to look to Kate Gosselin as their fashion icon. Oh the hair – holy Bieber the HAIR! #
  • You try and tell yourself the things you tell yourself to make yourself forget. #
  • Oh Hoboken, your perfume of stale beer and low tide is intoxicating. #SoFrickinGladToFinallyBeHome #
  • Looking over today's appointments I had to pause a moment at the 2 o'clock. In the notes it says, "bring poo." Sure hope it's cat related. #
  • just voted for @LivitLuvit to be the first MTV TJ on #zyncmtvtj #

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