This Week’s Tweets

  • WooHoo! Last minute tickets to Rock of Ages. Good thing I always carry my emergency stash of glitter and spandex. #
  • Best thing about having a husband in theater? He always knows where to find a tiara in a pinch. #
  • I'm at Broadway Bares! I'll support any charity that involves naked dancers and glitter. #
  • New from Mattel – Zombie Barbie! Brains sold separately. @craftastrophe #
  • Lunch in Little Five Points. Hello Atlanta! #
  • Dear Delta pilot, I totally believed you when you said you used to be a fighter pilot. You didn't have to prove it. #YayForBarfBags #
  • In line for the bus to Hoboken, waiting behind a family that flew in from Houston just to see Buddy at Carlo's Bakery. Crazy. #CakeBoss #
  • Tired. So tired, I don't even have the energy to finish my #
  • Waiting in the doc's office, listening to two old dudes compare their viagra doses and debate what kind of vegetarian doesn't eat chicken. #
  • I start hacking up a lung and the closer guy says, "You ok?" I respond, "Dude I'm in a doctor's office. I'm not here for the magazines." #
  • My stomach sounds like the percussion section of the Philharmonic. Who wants to cuddle? #
  • I'm fairly certain soup preparation should not involve this much blood. #

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