This Week’s Tweets

  • This film makes me want to pluck up NYC, put it in a locket, and wear it close to my heart – my own private jewel. #
  • What's better than a rainy Monday? Why a rainy Monday with out your soul, of course! #
  • RT @beckymochaface: RT @henryholland: And then God created Saturn… And he liked it, so he put a ring on it. #
  • I'm traumatizing people. RT @victriviaqueen Creepy: — I will be rocking in the corner for the next little while. #
  • Swigging wine while watching Swingadelic. I heart Hoboken. #
  • My cat seems convinced we have a mouse. I hope she's as dumb as I think. Probably just my zombie doll come to life. #
  • Dare I have high hopes for a new Muppet movie?!? I'm awful fond of Jason Segel. via @The_AV_Club #
  • I'm so proud I could spit. Coincidentally, I'm also proud of how far I can spit. #
  • Happy St. Patty's, muppet style. (Thanks Tracey!) #
  • I feel like I need to toast the holiday, but I'm out of Guinness. Do you think Baileys mixed with Peach Schnapps is close enough? #
  • Blech. Grossed myself out again. #
  • The Scorpions put out a new record? How is that possibly still happening? #
  • People look at you funny when you carry CO2 cartridges on mass transit. #gofigure #
  • Spotted these cuff links on Mad Ave. I quit stalking Stanley Tucci just to take a pic to share with you peeps. #
  • They should require a special license to drive on the West Side Highway. #
  • Spent the entire day lifting and lacing up white dresses. Time for wine. It will NOT be white. #
  • You know what you need? Your very own giant hand-painted concrete mushroom. I know, I read your mind. #
  • Now I have another reason to horde old records: #
  • I would give up wine for my own personal IT person. Ok that's a damn lie, but I would strongly consider it. #
  • Free Broadway tickets – yay, yay, YAY! Off to see Come Fly Away. That'll be way more fun than breaking my server. #

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