This week’s tweets

  • This is why I don't do drugs, kids. RT @Regretsy: I don't know why this is so funny. #
  • – Why can't I stop while I'm ahead? This poor girl gets greener with each stroke…I bet she had the clams. #
  • – At a hardware store with Rocco. Should have packed provisions becau se we're clearly NEVER LEAVING. #
  • Adventures and explorations with Rocco! Apparently Sleepy Hollow has a country club. That's not spooky at all. Dissapointed. #
  • Dear Bejeweled Blitz, if we were in a cowboy movie together you would totally be played by Heath Ledger…'cause I can't quit you. #
  • I voted and picked up Simone's ashes from the vet. Neither activity was particularly pleasant. Yet both just needed to be done. #
  • No more time for wallowing – headed to town for dinner and Fela. There better be some jazz hands to cheer my ass up. #
  • I now live in a red state. *shudder* Here's hoping @JonCorzine can squeeze through that same-sex marriage bill before the end of the year. #
  • A friendly junkie and I just spent 20 min watching a hawk try to catch black squirrels in the park. Next stop Lyle Lovett. I like variety. #
  • I just scored tix for a 2 o'clock show tomorrow afternoon and I need a date…who wants to bail on work and hang with me at the theater? #
  • Happy Birthday, Sesame Street. Snuffleupagus, you'll always be my favorite. #
  • Calling people in key House districts to get involved and ask their reps to vote yes on tomorrow's bill for @moveon. #
  • Headed to town to see some old friends from Concrete. My METAL is rusty. Hopefully a few key phrases and my fluency in rock will suffice. #
  • I'm terribly nervous about today but not entirely sure that justifies a fistful of raw cookie dough for breakfast. Maybe if I cook it… #
  • – Rocco unveils his mo after one week sans shaving. Yay for face pube s. #movember #blamedrewscancer #
  • Armed with a homemade chemo kit, I'm off to do my best impression of a plucky cancer survivor with no residual issues. I #blamedrewscancer. #
  • A little broken, a lotta tired, headed home to veg. Really hope it helped. Really want a clean scan on the 24th. No more cancer today, ok? #
  • House down, Senate to go. I'm not thrilled with the amendment but it's still a good start. Fingers crossed!!! #hcr #
  • Ever hold onto a recipe for months 'cause you lack a weird ingredient, finally buy that ingredient, then realize you lost the recipe? #fail #

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