This Week’s Tweets

  • Jersey bound. Down two cats but up a pile of Bojangle's biscuits and moonpies. #
  • Dear @actuallynph, just when I thought I couldn't love you anymore. #tonys #
  • Two guesses as to how I'm spending my day… #
  • I'm officially no longer a Hobokenite. But I still have a thing for pizza and crooked politicians. #
  • A girl can't complain too much when she still has this kind of view. #
  • Just ate my first ever peanut butter moon pie. I'm never going back. #
  • Clearly it's just going to be a slutty koala bear kind of day – perfect for a 12 hour drive. #
  • Hiking. In flip-flops. Feel free to start composing your I-told-you-sos now. #
  • I miss my ankles. Not as much as I miss wine…but almost. #

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