There’s Mascara Everywhere

Me:  I can’t quite believe 2011 began with one of the cast members of  Brief Encounter sitting in my living room strumming Herbert and humming.

Rocco:  Where was I when that happened?

Me:  I haven’t the slightest.  I was having trouble remembering your name at the time.

My New Year has already been weird and wonderful.  I hope the same is true for you, Interwebz.  But all this weirdness and wonderfulness has me a little off my game.  Between my New Year’s Day turning into an impromptu party and the fact I have an internet superstar sleeping in my office has me more than a little sleep deprived and disoriented.

Also?  I’m devastated to say I watched the last ever performance of  Brief Encounter last night.  *stifled sobs, throws self from 3rd story window into busy street traffic while wailing*

Here’s a little video I recorded of the cast jamming after the show.

Happy New Year, bitches.  I get the feeling that 2011 is going to be a crazy ride.

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33 thoughts on “There’s Mascara Everywhere

  1. Your living room is positively cavernous! And the acoustics are mind blowing. Can’t believe you had trouble selling the place.
    Also, what internet superstar did you abduct and chain up in your office? I’m tempted to come and help feed them!
    Happy 2011 darling!!!

  2. THIS is what happens when I turn my back from the internet. You go all “Mad Partier” and forget Rocco’s name, then let strangers from the internet into your real life.

    Good thing I declared 2K11 the “year of debauchery’!

  3. How do we know Elly isn’t tied up in a closet while this “mystery internet person of interest” (as the authorities will be calling them on the news piece) has stolen her passwords and taken the helm of BugginWord?
    Everyone, quickly start checking cadence and unusual writing patterns! I tossed out a trick question already as WE ALL KNOW THAT IS NOT REALLY ELLY’S LIVING ROOM. Yet the author of this post made no attempt to correct the mistake.
    We are going to find out that this has something to do with 5000 angry blackbirds falling from the sky in Arkansas as well.

  4. Thank you for watching that show twice FOR ME. yeah just let me believe so… I can never get tired of that song anyway you render it. I’m with Andrea. Please????

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