Hey Uke

I swear I brushed my hair at least once this week, though you’d never know it from today’s video.  And why didn’t anyone tell me to take prenatal vitamins when I finished chemo?  I could have regrown my entire head of hair in a week on these bad boys. I’m […]

Ponies, Sneakers, and a Ukulele Winner

I have to share some more of these pony photos with you people.  While somewhere in the deep recesses of my rational mind I realize it’s possible that the rest of the world doesn’t find them as overwhelmingly amusing as I do, I just don’t believe that to be true. […]

All For the Love of Uke

First?  I love you people.  Madly.  I love you like Courtney Cox loves Botox.  I love you like LiLo loves stealing things.  I love you like drag queens love glitter.  Y’all just about made my heart burst yesterday.  In the good way.  Not in the, wow-maybe-I-should-cut-back-on-the-meth kinda way.  It kinda […]

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