Well Smack My Ass and Call Me Literary

“This book was funny and filled with details that really made these stories come alive. Smart, intelligent, and hilarious collection of essays. Also, I learned a lot about vaginas.” No, I didn’t go and publish a book without telling you.  I spent most of yesterday doing research on what other […]

Secret Codes and Tinnitus

So my career as a professional noise maker hasn’t exactly taken off.  Despite the tireless hours of practicing and honing my craft, no one has offered me a paying gig.  Well, Rocco offered me fifty bucks to “please just please stop making the tinnitus noise by my head while I’m […]


I’m having one of those days.  I probably shouldn’t write on these days, yet obviously there’s a whole 800 words here cobbled into sentences and paragraphs.  The brain is limping today, so forgive me if I wander. Sometimes cancer just sucker punches you in the face and screams, “I’m your […]

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