I Popped My Minister Cherry

I married my friend Darrell last weekend.  Technically I married my friend Nicole, too. Oh relax, Rocco was there.  He even took pictures. Yes,  I’m an ordained minister.  I have power vested in me.  I don’t even own any vests, people.  But still, I’m like…all pious and shit, now.  I […]

Bleeping Unicorns, How Do They Work?

Obviously, I really need to stop following this whole Juggalo / Tila Tequila thing.  Then again, the frickin’ New York Times is covering it now, so maybe I’m more highbrow than I realize.   That’s me, a highbrow gal that can’t stop referencing the Insane Clown Posse.  I’m pretty sure […]

Vattooing (I Can’t Make This Shit Up)

Hindsight is a bitch.  I thought I really nailed that bachelorette thing, what with the pole dancing and mechanical bull riding.  I thought I had that “Best Bridesmaid Ever” title on lock down. Until today. Because if I was truly worthy of the title, I would have found this spa […]