Really Random – Even for Me

So I killed another cell phone.  I’m really quite talented when it comes to electronics, don’t you think?  So for those of you keeping count, this will be my 11th Palm Pre since July of 2009.  No idea why HP isn’t going to support the technology anymore.  *sigh* But in […]

Getting Drilled

I woke up this morning to find the following text waiting for me on a blinking Webster: Know anyone that would like to buy a vagina painting for 50 bucks? I don’t think it smells like hamster. How awesome is that?  Also, if you feel like a gigantic $50 vagina […]

Welcome to the Clam House

Breaking news, Interwebz – Smart People Drink More Alcohol. Some data fiend decided to see how data on drinking habits correlated with all sorts of other fun factors like religion, education and politics. Educated godless liberals with large vocabularies, it seems, enjoy a beverage more than most. This just in […]

Why Weekends Make Me Tired

It’s kind of been a crazy couple of days.  A lot has happened since my last ramble.  I’ll try and hit the highlights…in order, of course. I read some seriously entertaining story submissions for my little contest.  Want to win your very own Elly drawing?  Of course you do!  Here […]