Search Optimization-ish

Here we go again, Interwebz!  Since I missed sharing all the gory June details with you due to that whole move and national holiday thing, today you get DOUBLE the frightening search results that led people to my douchey little blog. Well not double exactly.  Or even kind of.  It’s […]

She Don’t Uke Jelly

Want to never sleep again?  Try this article on ant zombies.  (Thanks for that, Chicken.)  With all that time I just freed up in your schedule, you’ll be able to get all kinds of projects done this weekend.  You are welcome. Speaking of things that keep me up at night…I […]

Vaseline and Realtors

My apartment has a photo shoot today.  She’s going back on the market so the realtor needs some glamor shots to include in the mail-order apartment catalog or something.  (Yes my apartment is a girl.  If I’m going to crawl up inside something and live there, I’d rather it be […]

Search Optimization-ish

Yup.  It’s your favorite time of the month, Interwebz.  Yet again, I’m going to prove that my readers are even more whacked in the cabeza than I am by sharing the frightening searches that bring new viewers here to my vagina-infused world.  Sickos. “putting out fire with vaseline” – I […]


My throat feels like I blew a porcupine.  I’m sure there is some magic concoction I can create with my impressive collection of pharmaceuticals that can cure me of this weird cold/allergy attack/migraine/triskaidekaphobia/hang nail, but I just haven’t found it yet. *forehead bounces off desk* I’ve been thinking a lot […]

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