And Then I Knew Everything Would Be Alright with the World

With each pre-baby project we finish, I lose one more distraction to keep me from obsessing about the impending obliteration of my bits and that whole feeding-and-care-of-your-killer-newborn-overlord thing.  Not that I obsess.  Ever.  That’s totally not my personality. *pauses to adjust welding goggles hanging from life-sized cardboard cutout of NPH* […]

The Wisdom of Waitresses

So I’m officially done leaving the house until I’m on my way to the place with the epidurals. I can’t even take a walk around the block without getting stopped by someone who wants to talk about the weather balloon I’m smuggling under my shirt.  “When are you due?  Do […]

The Cute, the Funny, and the I CAN’T WAIT TO DEVOUR THIS BOOK!

My attention span is getting shorter than my length of time between pees, so I’m going to distract you with the fantastic-ness that people send me. First, the cute.  Patty Punker gave me this.  I was going to originally wait and snap a pic with Paul in it, but based […]

Tennis and Vaginas – Yes, There’s a Correlation

Well all in all I’d say it’s been a fairly uneventful couple of days – just your average weekend filled with a hurricane, a house guest we tricked into cleaning, and then a little party where 40 or so people came to visit. While at the grocery store yesterday, procuring […]

Dancing Chihuahuas, Vagina Dresses, and Pudding

Doesn’t this make you want to get married all over again? Yeah, me either. I’m home.  I’ve decided I can say that confidently because I have a new definition of “home.” Home is where the fresh-made banana pudding is chilling in the fridge.  In other news, banana pudding may well […]