I Can’t Even Remember What “Take” We’re On Anymore

So just to summarize the week so far: I watched a “comedy” that left me sobbing, I forgot my vagina story, and instead of finding a loving supportive group, I discovered I’m one of a whopping three people that vacuums their oven.  And I haven’t even told you about my […]

And The Winner Is…

Frankly, I’m the big winner.  There’s been a whole mess o’ giggling up in here – until yesterday that is.  Then it got nasty. Did I mention I’m a Libra?  Actually, I’m a double Libra with a Taurus moon.  For you non-astrology types that loosely translates at “good fucking luck […]

Why Weekends Make Me Tired

It’s kind of been a crazy couple of days.  A lot has happened since my last ramble.  I’ll try and hit the highlights…in order, of course. I read some seriously entertaining story submissions for my little contest.  Want to win your very own Elly drawing?  Of course you do!  Here […]