I’m a Believer

Nothing in this world (0r any other) is sexier than a good looking fella that can laugh at himself. I’m serious. Nothing. No.  Thing. NOTHING. *sigh* See also: Paul Rudd, Tom Smothers, all the other Monkees, and a whole mess of others I’ll think of months from now when I’m […]

The Gloved Uke

The hands are too swollen to uke today, kids.  But I have something even better for you – an extra, extra special treat.  No, I didn’t make cupcakes.  But there is this guy: Dude.  When I grow up, I so want to be this guy.  We already have similar facial […]

When Herbert Met Isabella

So after all my talk about not doing Christmas presents this year, Rocco bought me one anyway.  At least, I think it was for me.  It might have been for Herbert.  I don’t think it really matters.  Oh whatever…just meet Isabella already.  (Most photos by my adorable dad.  *waves frantically*  […]

I Wanna Grow Old With Uke

This one’s for the ladies.  It’s really just for one lady.  Actually, I’m not 100% sure she’s a lady.  I just really always wanted to say, “This one’s for the ladies.” You can all run off and yell at Sister Merry Hellish for requesting this song.  Actually, you should really […]

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