Search Optimization-ish

It’s May.  A new month.  One that will be sadly devoid of tequila for me, but a new month none the less.  Which of course means it’s time to learn more about all the sick little monkeys trolling the internet that occasionally stumble into my little BugginWorld.  And as usual, […]

Elly’s Guide to Unemployment

Look.  I get it.  The economy sucks ass.  It’s terrifying to be jobless.  Discovering that the world actually CAN revolve without you is a blow to anyone’s ego.  Trust me, I know. And yes, the financial aspects are horrifying.  It’s hard to watch the balance on your savings account drop.  […]

Best Movie Idea Ever

On a rare evening when both Rocco and I were at home, we stumbled upon Analyze That on the boob tube.  Every time De Niro made a snarky comment about bumping someone off, Rocco would turn to me, grinning widely as if to say, “Aren’t gangsters just the BEST?!?”  Then […]

Taking the Easy Way Out

As I mentioned, I (and my gravity defying boobs) have suddenly been thrust (good boob verb, right?) into the whole I-really-have-to-dig-in-and-get-some-shit-done-and-fast world…and it’s kicking my ass.  Hard.  As exhibited by that incredibly well constructed paragraph and the brain sludge that is leaking out of my ears and pooling within these […]