The Missing Ingredient

The Interwebz can be a very dangerous place, my darlings.  Luckily, you have me to…well…not exactly SHIELD you.  You are a delicate flower that surely doesn’t spend the same volume of hours I do surfing for weird shit.  I like to think my role is to make sure you don’t […]

I <3 Emoticons

I’m all about the emoticons.  Well, maybe not ALL about them.  I get all stabby when AIM throws one of those smiley face rainbows across my window, but otherwise I take no major issues with emoticons.  In fact, Magda introduced me to the best one ever! ‹^› ‹(-¿-)› ‹^› Yup.  […]

The Benefits of Breasts When Swimming

Hello.  My name is Magillicutty, but you can call me Maggie.  Everybody calls me Maggie. Well, Gwen doesn’t call me Maggie.  In fact, she calls me Magillicunty.  I don’t think she likes me very much.  She’s probably just jealous because I have a Facebook account and she doesn’t. Elly likes […]