As Stephen Lynch Would Say

Mom:  So how did the sonogram go? Me:  Ok.  He’s only “slightly above average.”  Once she was actually able to process what I asked, the doctor confirmed he is NOT Jabba The Baby. Mom:  Well both you and Thom were almost 10 lbs. Me:  I feel like maybe you’ve mentioned […]

Really Random – Even for Me

So I killed another cell phone.  I’m really quite talented when it comes to electronics, don’t you think?  So for those of you keeping count, this will be my 11th Palm Pre since July of 2009.  No idea why HP isn’t going to support the technology anymore.  *sigh* But in […]

Miriam Webster is a Bully

Why isn’t never mind one word?  Nevermind.  Doesn’t that just look right?  It sounds right, too. But apparently Webster or Oxford or some other oppressor decided it needed to be two words.  And no matter how many times I type it as one word, spell check never wavers.  Nevermind is […]