A Life That’s Good

It’s been a hard couple of weeks, hasn’t it? We’ve seen a lot of hatred and a lot of beauty. That’s not what this post is about, though. At least not directly. There’s no shortage of beautiful, inspiring, and thought provoking things that have already been said on the matter. Today […]

Uke and Shout

This knowledge may startle you, but I am not a macrame bear.  Or a macrame bunny.  In fact…I’m not macrame at all.  Gasp! And also?  You don’t have your calendar wrong.  It’s not Friday.  (Though it may or may not be motherfucking booze time. I defer to you on that […]

Well That Didn’t Go At All As I Had Planned

I’m already thinking about Thanksgiving.  We’re not even through Halloween and I’ve already moved on to Thanksgiving, Interwebz.  It’s enough to make a girl stick her head in the oven…if she didn’t know she’d have to pull her head right back out to deal with the fire alarm, that is. […]

Fiesta o’ Fabulousness

Today I’m hosting my sad little Hoboken Thanksgiving for the handful of orphans I was able to round up.  Rocco has yet again banished me from the kitchen.  Sure I managed to ruin three cutting boards and break the lemon press, but we’re up three blisters and two new scars.  […]