Techno Trauma

Why is the universe conspiring against Herbert and me?  I finally learned a song and recorded it, but now my Flip and Phillip are no longer speaking.  And I’m out of time.  So you get nothing.  Again.  Stupid computers.  Or stupid Elly.  Let’s go with computers. So instead I’ll just […]

Unicorns Get Stabby, Too

I’m having a day.  This kind of day*: I blame my mortgage company.  The story isn’t very good, so I’m not going to tell it to you.  But seeing as how I have to go make a happy ending (oh shut it you pervs), I suddenly don’t have time to […]

Further Proof I Should Plan Ahead

Well THAT went well. Who knew that I actually DID have an April Fool’s trick up my sleeve?  Granted, it wasn’t really intentional but I think it still counts.  Yesterday evening, if you thought you might saunter over here to my little BugginWorld and catch up on the latest in […]