As you probably noticed, I’ve been a little off my game for the past week or so.  There have been no references to glitter.  I’ve broken three drinking glasses.  My house is dirtier than Lindsay Lohan’s crotch.  My fridge is emptier than Sarah Palin’s mind.  Hell, I don’t think I’ve […]

A Visit to the MoMA

I feel like it should be raining.  The sunny day somehow seems incongruous with my mood.  Maybe I just need some high fructose corn syrup or something. Yesterday, I went to see the exhibit “Picasso: Themes and Variations.”  You know I love me some Picasso.  (Just not quite the same […]


My heart hurts.  My dear cousin Sarah has cancer.  Again.  Fucking cancer. I know I’ve told you about her before.  She’s a force of nature, a beacon of light, a…hell, she’s just plain magic. When I was diagnosed, she was pregnant with her little miracle boy.  Despite her own trials […]

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