I Want to Party With Paula Deen

Forget Lindsay Lohan.  Forget Charlie Sheen.  You know who I want to party with? Paula Deen, y’all. Who else can take a ham to the face and just keep on laughing?  And her time management skills are pretty darn solid.  Unlike a certain girl that just spent forty-five minutes trying […]

Colored Pictures, Uncolored Cake

An embarrassingly long time ago, I started a little something I called my Portrait Project.  I had all these grandiose plans of blazing through a portrait a week, solving world hunger, and somehow sculpting my arms into perfect replicas of Michelle Obama’s guns.  Four months later, I’m way behind on […]

Fiesta o’ Fabulousness

Today I’m hosting my sad little Hoboken Thanksgiving for the handful of orphans I was able to round up.  Rocco has yet again banished me from the kitchen.  Sure I managed to ruin three cutting boards and break the lemon press, but we’re up three blisters and two new scars.  […]