Reconnaissance Mission

Doctor:  So your baby is in the 90th percentile. Me:  Fuck. Doctor:  There are certain risks for a vaginal birth with a baby of this size. Me:  *deep breath* Doctor:  Even if you can pass the head, you’ve still got to contend with the shoulders.  They can be damaged when […]

Dubstep Kicks

Just so we can document (again) how very bad I am with electronics, I’m sad to tell you I’ve killed my computer (again).  While I try to resurrect this bitch (again) I’ll distract you with a video (again). Say, even though it’s nowhere near Easter time, do you think that […]


So it’s almost October – which used to signal apple cider, birthday cake, and Halloween for me.  Now it’s the month where I dread the arrival of pink-themed merchandise and magazines filled with heart-wrenching tales of loss to breast cancer. And this year it’s especially hard because there’s been an […]