Tennis and Vaginas – Yes, There’s a Correlation

Well all in all I’d say it’s been a fairly uneventful couple of days – just your average weekend filled with a hurricane, a house guest we tricked into cleaning, and then a little party where 40 or so people came to visit. While at the grocery store yesterday, procuring […]

Soggy Much?

So why didn’t anyone tell me a Glucose test involved getting stabbed four times?  FOUR.  I look like a junky.  Or a cancer patient.  Or someone on dialysis.  Or a pregnant chick that just had her blood drawn four times. I’m losing control of this analogy rather quickly. Speaking of […]

Did I Miss Orientation?

I am the worst pregnant chick ever. “How many weeks are you again?” my friend Gwen asked just the other day. “I’m pretty sure I’m in the second trimester,” was the most specific answer I could give her.  Thank goodness I signed up for one of those newsletter thingies that […]

Urine Big Trouble

It’s official. I pee a lot. Granted, for anyone that’s ever taken a road trip with me, that’s probably not a very shocking statement. Also? Anyone who’s ever taken a road trip with me and is now giggling can fuck right off. Yesterday I attempted my first ever at home, […]