Home. Sort of.

If I ever win a Tony, I sure do hope it’s a year when NPH is hosting.  I’ve already planned my acceptance.  First, I’ll lick my award – Paula Deen style, y’all.  Then, I’ll forgo a formal acceptance speech and dedicate my window of time to presenting a clear, concise […]

Try Not To Hump Me

Let me preface this post by saying it’s all Steam Me Up Kid’s fault.  She started it.  That bitch.  She posted something on facebook about the free awesome makeover she did online, so I had to go and try it, too.  Because the allure of an orange pen can only […]

You Should Probably Skip This One

I keep trying not to write about this.  Because I know it’s not the sort of thing you’re supposed to say out loud.  But people, I say everything out loud.  And trying not to write about it makes it the only thing I think about which makes it impossible for […]