Slow Uke to China

One of these days I’m going to stop breaking my blog. In other news, thanks to peer pressure and desperation, we’re on day 9 of some serious sleep training bullshit.  Maybe don’t ask me how that’s going.  Though you can probably guess.  So yet again I’ve got nothing for you […]

All of Uke

I killed my blog last week somehow.  Which is pretty amazing since all I really do is neglect it.  So even though I uked, I wasn’t able to post it. You came, checked, and were heartbroken when it wasn’t there.  I know. Hush, hush. It’s ok now. There will be […]

Ain’t Uke Sweet

So, hi. *Forehead bounces off plate of scrambled egg yolks and watermelon chunks* Um.  Yeah. Enough about me.  Let’s just cut to the video, eh? May the uke be with you during your hallowed MFBT.  The end. Was that good for you, too? Then click here and follow my Facebook […]

(T)ain’t Misbehavin’

So much to write, so little patience from Paul.  Boo.  Hiss. But in case you missed it (sorry Bob) I’ve just cleared another six months in remission!  WOOT!  Which means I don’t have to do any more of those uber icky CT scans.  Which means I made my way through […]

Zombie Jamboree

There’s only so many articles you can read about crazy people consuming chunks of dead/undead people before you start singing this song. And by “you” I mean “me.”  Obviously. The apocalypse is upon us, people.  Fortunately for me, I’m brain dead and so I ought to be safe.  You fuckers […]

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