Dorilla the Gorilla

When the Summer began, I promised Paul we’d write a song together. And so began the journeys of our protagonist, Dorilla the Gorilla and her van, Anna. We finished it yesterday. So what better way to jump back into Ukulele Fridays than with Paul’s original composition – with backing vocals […]

Can’t Help Falling

So this video pretty much sums up my life right now – a wonderful failure. Absolutely nothing is going how I’d hoped or planned, but I’m starting to be ok with that.  Life is all about managing expectations and adapting, right?  So my house smells like fermenting yogurt and I’ve […]

Because Sometimes I Can’t NOT Share These Things

I was out on the front porch with Paul and, rather than his usual “Joy of Sex” selection, he pulled a book of Folk Tales from the the shelves. I’d never really looked at the book before.  I think it’s Rocco’s.  I mean, if it’s not mine it must be […]