Search Optimization-ish

Here we go again, Interwebz!  Since I missed sharing all the gory June details with you due to that whole move and national holiday thing, today you get DOUBLE the frightening search results that led people to my douchey little blog. Well not double exactly.  Or even kind of.  It’s […]

Look! Panties!

First the good news: not only am I still cancer free, two and half years later (WOOT!) I also had a magnificent dream last night where by future BFF Neil Patrick Harris and his partner lived in a bus next to my window and we played ukuleles together all night […]


You might be surprised to learn that I have some pretty weird friends.  I’ll just pretend you all responded correctly.  In case you’d like to play along at home, any of these responses will work: Gasp!  What?!  Not you!! For example, I have a friend that we affectionately call Creamed […]

Test Drives

All is not well on the kitty front.  All isn’t bad exactly, just decidedly not good.  We went back for more tests to see if any of the new drugs were working.  The answer?  In a word, no. Turns out her teeny tiny heart is now kicking out a BP […]

Lucha VaVOOM

In high school, people used to approach me for drugs all the time.  I have no idea what that was all about.  I suppose the tie-dyed tights and combat boots might have had a little something to do with it, but the purple hair and tattoos were still a few […]

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