Nobody Vacuums Me

As you read this, I’ll be at my monthly parasite analysis appointment – most likely rockin’ a pair of stirrups while up to my elbows in medical professionals and alien-examining equipment.  Technically, I guess they’ll be up to their elbows in me. Awesome. But as this whole parasite incubation thing […]

Be the Buffalo

Have you ever read something really wonderful that totally resonates with you and it worms its way into your head and you think about it all the time but then when you try to explain it to other people they look at you blankly, then with horror, then slowly back […]


For a supposed environmentally conscious gal, I get a ridiculous number of magazines.  I feel a bizarre mix of guilt and pressure when I see the pile of unread periodicals accumulating next to my sofa.  Sure, I could blame it all on Rocco’s inability to read the New Yorker with […]

Fiesta o’ Fabulousness

Today I’m hosting my sad little Hoboken Thanksgiving for the handful of orphans I was able to round up.  Rocco has yet again banished me from the kitchen.  Sure I managed to ruin three cutting boards and break the lemon press, but we’re up three blisters and two new scars.  […]