Summer Snapshot

Sitting in Bryant Park the other day, I was blinded by the sea of pasty white flesh.  Shirtless elderly men, waiting for their turns at the bocce courts, straddled the lawn chairs backwards, the wide expanses of their wrinkled backs exposed to the sun.  Business women lounged in their lacy […]

Where’s My Megaphone?

*drags forward a fair trade certified, paraben and phthalate free soap box, gives it a little dust off, climbs on, clears throat* Rod Stewart is the Antichrist. No wait, that’s not what I wanted to talk about today.  Though while we’re slightly off topic and I’ve already made one reference […]

‘ello Guvna

There are days when I can’t imagine ever leaving this area.  Then I read the Travel section of the New York Times and I can’t imagine ever staying in this area.  But then I spend a random Saturday wandering around an abandoned military installation overrun for the day with artsy […]

City Strolling

First my lovelies, you’ve got one week left to send me your stories for a chance to win your very own original Elly artwork.  When you win, you can make fun of my penchant for glitter on Craftastrophe. Speaking of which, it’s Monday – which means I spent the weekend […]

What Goes Around

For this post to make sense, you might need to read about how I spent my last Earth Day and met Melora Love. Melora and I met for drinks last night, now that we have an official standing date to meet for drinks each and every Earth Day.  I suggested […]

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