I and Love and Uke

There is nothing more ridiculous than a pregnant lady trying to hold a ukulele.  So you’re welcome.  Again. Be warned, this is a long one.  I just didn’t have the heart to cut a verse out because the words are just lovely.  Plus they’re from NC.  The band that is.  […]

Home. Sort of.

If I ever win a Tony, I sure do hope it’s a year when NPH is hosting.  I’ve already planned my acceptance.  First, I’ll lick my award – Paula Deen style, y’all.  Then, I’ll forgo a formal acceptance speech and dedicate my window of time to presenting a clear, concise […]

Ukulele In The Morning

So long story short, suddenly I have to have the entire apartment packed up by Tuesday.  As a result, I spent large chunks of yesterday dumpster diving for boxes.  In other news, I’m a little pungent.  But the moral of the story is, just ignore all the boxes and the […]