Home. Sort of.

If I ever win a Tony, I sure do hope it’s a year when NPH is hosting.  I’ve already planned my acceptance.  First, I’ll lick my award – Paula Deen style, y’all.  Then, I’ll forgo a formal acceptance speech and dedicate my window of time to presenting a clear, concise […]

Bug for Office

Election time in Hoboken always makes me giggle.  Our last mayor held office a whopping twenty-three days before he was arrested by the feds for embezzling.  In fact, most of our former mayors are currently serving time in a penitentiary situation.  Corruption is kinda our thing. I know, you’re thinking, […]

Best Movie Idea Ever

On a rare evening when both Rocco and I were at home, we stumbled upon Analyze That on the boob tube.  Every time De Niro made a snarky comment about bumping someone off, Rocco would turn to me, grinning widely as if to say, “Aren’t gangsters just the BEST?!?”  Then […]

Just Kids

I’ve never really been a big Patti Smith fan.   Not that I was in any way anti-Patti, I just hadn’t really given her much thought.   I couldn’t name a single one of her songs off the top of my head, unless you count Because the Night, but that’s […]