The Language Archive

So I saw this show last night called The Language Archive at one of the Roundabout Theatres.  It’s billed as a comedy, but for some reason I didn’t find it funny at all.  That bothered me.  In fact, I think it’s still bothering me.  Or maybe it’s just that freakish […]

I’m Related to Guy Lombardo

I received an email yesterday from Guy Lombardo.  My first thought was, “Spam.”  Then my second thought was, “Heh, Lombardo is a fun word.”  Then my third thought was, “Wasn’t there some sports type person named Vince Lombardo?  I wonder if they’re related.”  Then I started humming Auld Lang Syne […]

Radio, Radio

This morning I awoke to the sweet dulcet tones of Mildred wailing as she tried to claw her way out of the water bowl she’d somehow fallen into around 6am.  Seriously.  I’m starting to wonder if managed to find a kitten even dumber than Lucy. Thanks for all the sweet […]

And The Concrete Phallus Goes To…

Well Miss Krissy, it’s a good thing that you have “so muchroom for a mushroom” because I’ll be mailing you a hand-painted, fifteen pound concrete phallus later today.  Just for good measure, I had everyone (Mom, Dad, Rocco, Thom, and Lucy) give the cap a little lick before I nestled […]