Latex-wearing Pony-humping Freakazoids

This week has been all about the squishy love fests.  I like squishy love fests.  Well, I’m not really into the squishy love fests I just read about on SexIs, but I like…you know…completely non-sexual and pudding free squishy love fests.  Oh hell, this isn’t going well already. You probably […]

I <3 Emoticons

I’m all about the emoticons.  Well, maybe not ALL about them.  I get all stabby when AIM throws one of those smiley face rainbows across my window, but otherwise I take no major issues with emoticons.  In fact, Magda introduced me to the best one ever! ‹^› ‹(-¿-)› ‹^› Yup.  […]

Dylan Drama

Ok people, you really need to be more boring.  I have this big long list of things I want to write about but you kids keep distracting me with your links, and your videos, and your Edward panties….SHEESH!  (No Lydia, I really can’t write more than one a day.  REALLY!) […]