Talking to Girls About Duran Duran

You ever have someone try and turn you on to something that just doesn’t quite fit you, but you can still tell it’s really, really awesome?  Even if you don’t enjoy it as much as you probably ought to?  You know, like The Dave Matthews Band, or imported stinky cheeses, […]

Satisfied Mind

The first time I saw that tall, shiny Sony building peaking out above the trees of Central Park, I knew I wanted to work there.  After all, inside that building was the headquarters of Columbia Records, the label of one Jeff Buckley. I was entranced by his face as I […]

Mariah Carey Strikes Again

*whimper* My ass is officially kicked.  Next time I consider taking a gig to cover a six city tour in three weeks, can you please punch me in the kayak?  Hard?  With brass knuckles? If you aren’t allowed to take decongestants, you probably shouldn’t fly cross country with a sinus […]

Be the Buffalo

Have you ever read something really wonderful that totally resonates with you and it worms its way into your head and you think about it all the time but then when you try to explain it to other people they look at you blankly, then with horror, then slowly back […]

I’d Still Let Him Vida My Loca

Some mornings I sit and look at this blank screen and I have abso-smurfly nothing to say.  That little blinking cursor just appears and disappears, over and over again, relentlessly taunting my uninspired ass.  This is such a day. Fucking blinking cursor. I just read that Ricky Martin is gay.  […]