One Spore My Homies

Thom:  What do you want? Me:  Call your mother, Dicko. Thom:  Why? Me:  … Thom:  Oh – the birthday thing? Me:  Yes. Thom:  Goodbye. [Moments pass.  The phone rings.] Mom:  Why did your brother just call me Dicko? Me:  Oh jeez. Did he sing? Mom:  He just called and said […]

Waste Not

I recently visited the MoMA on one of their free Friday thingamawhatsits.  I’m all about supporting the arts in theory.  I just don’t seem to put my money where my mouth is.  It’s a recession, people.  The concrete ‘shroom biz isn’t exactly booming. Focus, Elly.  Try again. So I was […]

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