The trees look like Muppets this morning – their leaves bouncing in disjointed, hyper-animated movements, beckoning and warning me simultaneously.  There I see an alligator.  Over there, just above the doorway, I see a small crab.  Then suddenly the wind ceases and so do they. I love the rain.  Not […]

Muppets and Monsters

I’m the worst Jim Henson fan ever.  I didn’t realize yesterday was the anniversary of his death.  Then again, I always think it’s nicer to celebrate the anniversary of someone’s birth.  Which, for Jim, is September 24th.  But I saw this video this morning and there’s no way I’m going […]

We Uke You A Merry Christmas

Hi Interwebz.  Tis’ the season for me to crawl into a mug of mulled wine and giggle with my siblings, so I’m afraid you’re going to have to find your jollies (and vagina jokes) somewhere else for a little while. But before I embark on my epic quest to consume […]

Muppets, Jane Lynch, and Snail Sex

This morning I had to do some pressing research (Do hermaphrodites have ovaries?) so I swung on over to the esteemed reference site Google – because if it’s on the internet, it’s fact, right?  Word to the wise: never, ever do research on hermaphrodites before finishing your breakfast, Interwebz. It’s […]

The Problem With Fall

I don’t understand why you people get so excited about Fall.  Sure, it has it’s positive qualities: apple picking, using the oven again, pretty colored leaves, Libra birthdays *fist bumps*.  But nobody ever talks about it’s dark side – the evil, putrid underbelly of this mistakenly beloved season. Fools. If […]

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