Way Over Yonder

I only just now figured out it’s Labor Day Weekend.  I’m a teensy bit behind the times.  Last night I was watching something off the DVR and there was a commercial for the Target Day After Thanksgiving Sale.  I had no idea we were so close to doing that again […]

Slow Uke to China

One of these days I’m going to stop breaking my blog. In other news, thanks to peer pressure and desperation, we’re on day 9 of some serious sleep training bullshit.  Maybe don’t ask me how that’s going.  Though you can probably guess.  So yet again I’ve got nothing for you […]

What Time Is It?

I really shouldn’t be allowed to play with graphics programs.  This is what I did yesterday instead of figuring out what’s wrong with my computer. Because I know you all want your very own, you can get them here. Was that good for you, too? Then click here and follow […]

Happy Father’s Day to Uke

It’s a tiny bit early, but I have to pause and wish a happy Father’s Day to the cutest dad in the history of the universe.  And I’m not just saying that because Mom tells me he’s rigged some sort of fancy, home-made cat toy down in his wood shop […]

Uke My Baby

I had every intention of learning Blondie’s “Rapture” for today BECAUSE OBVIOUSLY but that’s a whole mess of rap, y’all.  And it’s practically all one chord.  And four minutes of playing the same chord while trying to rhythmically rap french lines makes both my fingers AND my head cramp.  So […]

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