Search Optimization-ish

It’s May.  A new month.  One that will be sadly devoid of tequila for me, but a new month none the less.  Which of course means it’s time to learn more about all the sick little monkeys trolling the internet that occasionally stumble into my little BugginWorld.  And as usual, […]

All For the Love of Uke

First?  I love you people.  Madly.  I love you like Courtney Cox loves Botox.  I love you like LiLo loves stealing things.  I love you like drag queens love glitter.  Y’all just about made my heart burst yesterday.  In the good way.  Not in the, wow-maybe-I-should-cut-back-on-the-meth kinda way.  It kinda […]

Search Optimization-ish

Yes.  We’re doing this again.  Because frankly I really need to share these crazy search terms with you people so they don’t stay trapped inside my brain slowly gnawing their way through my sludgy brain matter and out my thick skull. “inhale ranch”  Oh honey, I love ranch as much […]

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