Really Random – Even for Me

So I killed another cell phone.  I’m really quite talented when it comes to electronics, don’t you think?  So for those of you keeping count, this will be my 11th Palm Pre since July of 2009.  No idea why HP isn’t going to support the technology anymore.  *sigh* But in […]

Brown Eyed Uke

God that title sounds way grosser than it ought to, am I right?   Like a bad Limp Bizkit album or something?  (As if there’s any other kind of Limp Bizkit album.) Speaking of things that are in bad taste, it’s time for another video.  Seeing as how it’s National Kazoo […]

Are You Ready for Some…Er…Um

I watched football yesterday.  I was told I was rooting for the Packers, but then I saw that the other team was from Chicago.  My mom is from Chicago.  So of course I had to root for the Cubs.  Apparently they lost.  I, however, finished a very sexy Lord of […]

Meat Showers and Kazoos

I’m still having bird nightmares.  I keep dreaming there are feathers in my mouth.  Why (OH WHY!) do my dreams always involve pulling strange things out of my mouth?  You know what?  Don’t answer that one. It doesn’t help that I keep reading pieces about birds randomly falling out of […]

Search Optimization-ish

It’s December – a fresh, new, sparkly clean month.  And you know what that means!  Let’s jump right in to analyzing the freaky searches that bring new visitors to our land of glitter and vaginas, shall we? “snail jizz”  Let’s start out gentle shall we?  That’s what I thought when […]