No Sudden Movements

I’m full of the twitch.  (And I don’t mean the lovable superstar hip-hop phenom from SYTYCD.  Though being full of Twitch probably wouldn’t be all bad.  Crap, four sentences in and I’m already in the gutter.  That’s gotta be some sort of record.) I’ve been upping my caffeine intake to […]

In Your Face

Me:  Where’s your tiny little hair trimmer thingy? Rocco:  In the medicine cabinet.  On the right. Me:  I’m going stick it in my nose, does that gross you out? Rocco:  Nope.  It’s been in my ass.  Does that gross you out? I have no idea why Rocco’s been sticking ear […]

I’m Still A Fifteen Year Old Boy

While I’m fairly certain I already reserved my spot in Hell many years ago, today’s Craftastrophe post pretty much guarantees my VIP pass for an eternity of Rod Stewart concerts.  Awesome. I got a haircut, Interwebz.   More on the actual cutting tomorrow, but first I need to get something off […]