Today (or the Euphemism Song)

I’m posting this video even though I’m a smidge nervous. Ya see, today’s song was requested by one of my YouTube peeps.  Which means he/she/they/it don’t read the blog.  Which means he/she/they/it probably doesn’t realize my mind basically resides in the gutter.  Which means he/she/they/it might not like to hear […]

Uke-a-by Baby

I know.  I don’t uke for nearly two months and I come back with a lulla-frickin-by?!? AND you don’t practice before recording the video? You know what?  Baby.  Baby that doesn’t like ukuleles.  *sigh*  Just look at the awesome new t-shirt instead.  That’s the perfect distraction. And here’s a blast […]

We Uke You A Merry Christmas

Hi Interwebz.  Tis’ the season for me to crawl into a mug of mulled wine and giggle with my siblings, so I’m afraid you’re going to have to find your jollies (and vagina jokes) somewhere else for a little while. But before I embark on my epic quest to consume […]

Sizeable Thoughts

Obviously my week got a little off track – a broken heart will do that to a girl.  Before I move on from last week’s unofficial fine arts theme, I wanted to tell you about my trip to see Kate’s (my sister-in-law) exhibition while I was in North Carolina.  Before […]

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