The Cute, the Funny, and the I CAN’T WAIT TO DEVOUR THIS BOOK!

My attention span is getting shorter than my length of time between pees, so I’m going to distract you with the fantastic-ness that people send me. First, the cute.  Patty Punker gave me this.  I was going to originally wait and snap a pic with Paul in it, but based […]


I’m reading an epically long, thick novel entitled Shantaram at the moment.  I’m on page 629…out of 936.  As I might have already mentioned, it’s not short.  Like at all.  And it’s sometimes very difficult to read because all the characters have unfamiliar foreign names that seem to consist entirely […]

Talking to Girls About Duran Duran

You ever have someone try and turn you on to something that just doesn’t quite fit you, but you can still tell it’s really, really awesome?  Even if you don’t enjoy it as much as you probably ought to?  You know, like The Dave Matthews Band, or imported stinky cheeses, […]