Like I Don’t Love Broadway Enough Already

Y’all know well and good how much I love Broadway.  Nothing makes me happier than dance belts, spray glitter, jazz hands, and huge choreographed numbers.  Truth be told?  I have to bite my lip each and every time I settle into my seat and that first swell of music washes […]

How to Succeed…in Drag

Rocco and I have spent the last twelve hours fighting over whether or not I’m the same height as John Larroquette.  I say he’s not that much taller than I am.  Rocco says he’s five inches shorter than Larroquette.  I say that’s not that much taller than I am, especially […]

Catch Me If You Can

Mmmm Broadway.  I’ve been making out like a bandit with the free tickets again lately.  God it’s good to be a theater slut.  I’m going to tell you about them in the hopes that maybe you’re planning a trip to NYC where you’ll work me (and some shows) into your […]

There’s Mascara Everywhere

Me:  I can’t quite believe 2011 began with one of the cast members of  Brief Encounter sitting in my living room strumming Herbert and humming. Rocco:  Where was I when that happened? Me:  I haven’t the slightest.  I was having trouble remembering your name at the time. My New Year […]

Brief Encounter

What is it about a tall boy in a peacoat that makes me want to shoop?  Before I get into that, be sure to swing by Studio30 to read my ridiculously steamy interview with a famous Becky.  While you’re at it, check out today’s Craftastrophe which proves beyond a doubt […]