Dorilla the Gorilla

When the Summer began, I promised Paul we’d write a song together. And so began the journeys of our protagonist, Dorilla the Gorilla and her van, Anna. We finished it yesterday. So what better way to jump back into Ukulele Fridays than with Paul’s original composition – with backing vocals […]

What Time Is It?

I really shouldn’t be allowed to play with graphics programs.  This is what I did yesterday instead of figuring out what’s wrong with my computer. Because I know you all want your very own, you can get them here. Was that good for you, too? Then click here and follow […]

Well Smack My Ass and Call Me Literary

“This book was funny and filled with details that really made these stories come alive. Smart, intelligent, and hilarious collection of essays. Also, I learned a lot about vaginas.” No, I didn’t go and publish a book without telling you.  I spent most of yesterday doing research on what other […]

Suck It, Martha

It’s getting all kinds of O. Henry up in here.  (Do people outside of Greensboro, North Carolina know anything about O. Henry or his stories?  I swear we learned to recite “The Gift of the Magi” in kindergarten.  I guess they wanted to prove we could produce things other than […]