I Quit (and Joe Scares Me)

I’m quitting.  Again. My wee Hoboken apartment has been on the market for four frickin months – four long, long, vacuuming filled months.  We’ve received a whopping ZERO offers over those four fabu months.  So as of this morning, my apartment is off the market.  Uncle.  The end.  Stick a […]

When You’re Sliding into First

It’s funny.  Well, it’s not so much funny as in “ha ha” funny.  Then again, it’s not really funny in a “weird” sort of funny way.  I guess it’s more of an “awkward” funny, like “wow-that-mime-is-restringing-a-tennis-racquet-while-singing-“kookaburra-sits-in-the-old-oak-tree” kinda funny.  No, that analogy totally leaves out the disturbing angle.  I guess it’s […]